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Welcome to the Echo Vintage Reproduction Clothing Pages!

If You have shopped on my site before, I'm sure you have noticed the "New Look." I have made some changes to accomodate more categories, and to make shopping easier. In the Reproduction Clothing Category, the most notable change is that I have placed the links to the specific category all on one page to help eliminate a click or two, and make finding what you are looking for a bit faster.

If you previously bookmarked a specific page, you will notice that the page may have moved. Bookmarks to specific items shouldn't have changed. Please remember to change the bookmark, and I appologize for the inconvenience.

I have much more inventory that will be added to the site in the weeks to come. My Reproduction Garments are all individually tailored, not mass produced, and I take great pride and care with the details. I never make the exact same garment twice, so you will be getting a true one-of-a-kind garment You have my promise, when you wear an Echo Vintage Creation, you will Never see another one like it!

I absolutely LOVE TO SEW, and I would much prefer sitting at my faithful Sewing Machine to the computer. Now that this round of website changes are over, I can get back to doing what I really love, and finish the literal dozens of garments that are in the works, Please check back often to see what is new! I definately hear my sewing machine calling me!

For more information about Special Orders, Custom Orders and how my Garments are Constructed and Sized, please CLICK HERE

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