Men's Retro Aloha Shirt

Novelty Lizards Print XL

Item # EVW-1759

Price: 49.99


This Retro Aloha Shirt has been made from a Vintage Simplicity Pattern from 1956. It is made from New, 100% Cotton Fabric, and is Machine Washable.

It is a brightly colored Lizard Novelty Print, on a Jungle Foliage Background. This print never fails to be an attention getter when Mr Echo wears his!

It has Coconut Buttons.

This shirt has Horizontal Button Holes. The pocket fabric is matched to the shirt. Can you see the pocket? Pretty good, eh? Mr Echo hates mis-matched pockets, and says you would too!


This Shirt is Newly Made from a Vintage Pattern and is in Unworn, Mint Condition..


This Retro Shirt has been made from a Vintage Men's XL Size Pattern using Standard Body Measurements. The measurements provided are from the pattern as being the Body Measurements that will Fit This Size. This pattern is sized to be Lose Fitting, with an approximate 10 inch ease, so, if you prefer a tighter fit, you may want a smaller size. Please check measurements listed below carefully.

  • Chest: 46 - 48 inches.
  • Actual garment measurement: : 58 1/2 inches.
  • Length: centerback to hem: 32 inches.

    Not your size? Send me an e-mail, I may be able to make this one in your size!

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